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Why it's best to start with the builder

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Embarking on the journey of building your new home is an exciting time, albeit one that can seem a bit overwhelming with the multitude of decisions ahead. From envisioning your dream design to selecting the perfect finishes within your budget, the checklist can grow quite extensive. That's why, here at Calley Homes, we recommend beginning the process with a conversation with us.

We've had the privilege of collaborating with clients at various stages of their home design projects, and we firmly believe that the most successful outcomes arise when the team responsible for constructing your home is involved right from the start and remains engaged throughout the design phase.

We recently had a chat with Johnny, our founder, to shed light on why we adopt this approach:

Why should one start with the builder rather than approaching an architect or architectural designer first?

"Many times, clients have a vision in mind but may struggle to articulate it for the best outcome. We oversee the entire process, embracing the client's vision from the get-go. We assemble a design team that aligns with the client's budget, vision, and style."

What makes this collaborative approach more effective?

"We're able to assess potential costs throughout the design process, providing assurance that the design aligns with the budget. Often, when clients approach a designer first, they may find that the plans, when costed, exceed their means. We offer practical insights to the designers and engineers throughout the construction drawing phase, striving to find the optimal outcome for the client."

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What are the significant benefits for the client in working this way?

"We furnish comprehensive projections of project costs, encompassing site development, permits, construction, and landscaping, allowing for careful planning. We engage all necessary engineers and consultants to furnish the correct documentation, ensuring a seamless project from inception to completion."

"In the construction of a home, the processes are the primary influencers of cost, both in terms of time and money. We consistently factor this in when liaising with the design and engineering teams, advocating for construction methods based on our extensive experience. We endorse these building processes for their functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. Additionally, the selection of materials plays a pivotal role in cost considerations, and here too, we encourage prudent investments."

"In the end, because we comprehend the client's fundamental objectives and are able to steer the process, we arrive at a set of drawings and documentation that harmonise with our preferred construction methodologies, ultimately yielding a greater return on our clients' investment."

How do you ensure the client's creative concepts are integrated into the design?

"We always make it a point to meet our clients on-site before embarking on the design journey. In most cases, the site itself dictates certain elements of each home, and we strive to leverage these to the property's advantage."

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"We request examples from every client, be it homes, features, or design styles, such as cladding, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Some clients have been curating inspiration on platforms like Pinterest or collecting from magazines. This gives us a solid understanding of the style and functionality our clients are aiming for and allows us to guide them toward the right design partners."

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Interested in beginning your design and build journey? Talk with our experienced team by giving us a call on 07 543 4052.



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