Why it's best to start with the builder...

Beginning your new home build can often feel daunting with so many decisions to make. From finding the right person to design your home to deciding on products and finishes you like to what will ultimately fit into your budget.…the list of things you need to consider can get a little out of control. That’s why at Calley Homes we suggest you start by talking with us first!

We have worked with clients at varying stages of their home design projects and believe the best result is achieved when the client has the company responsible for building their home walking alongside them from the beginning and throughout the design process.

We did a brief Q&A with Johnny (the boss) about some of the key reasons for working this way

Why begin with the builder rather than going to the architect or architectural designer first?

“Often clients have an idea of what they want but aren’t sure how to convey this to get the best result. We manage the entire process, we work to understand the clients vision from the outset. We bring together the right design team to suit the clients budget, vision and style”.

Why does this collaborative approach work better?

“We can analyse potential costs throughout the design process which provides you with comfort that the design meets the budget. Often when clients go to a designer first they can find that the plans they’ve had designed when costed are out of reach. We give practical solutions to the designers and engineers throughout the detailing of construction drawings and work to find the best outcome for the client ”.

What are the biggest advantages for the client in working this way?

“We provide detailed projections of project costs including site development, consent, build and landscapes ensuring you can plan ahead. We engage all engineers and consultants to provide the correct documentation that will make for a seamless project from beginning to end”.

“When building a home construction processes are the biggest contributor to the cost, both in time and money. We always take this into account when liaising with the design and engineering teams and provide our construction methods based on our broad experience, we encourage these build processes as they are functional, efficient and sustainable. Product selection is also a key contributor to cost so we again encourage investment in the right areas”.

“Ultimately because we are able to understand the clients key objectives, and we are able to guide the process we end up with a set of drawings and documentation that supports our preferred build methodologies which gives our clients a better return on their investment”.

How do you ensure the clients creative ideas are incorporated into the design?

“We always meet our clients onsite before we begin the design process. In most cases the site will determine a few elements of each home so we always try to use those to the advantage of the property”.

“We ask every client for any examples of homes, features and design styles such as cladding, kitchens, bathrooms etc… Some have been pinning on pinterest or collecting from magazines. We get a pretty good idea of the style and function our clients are trying to achieve and can help guide them to the right design partners”

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