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from regional EVENTS and individual athletes to local COMMUNITY & CLUB SPONSORSHIPS, at Calley we believe TOGETHER we can BUILD a strong, vibrant community.





The Women's Triathlon, held in Pilot Bay every February. The event attracts women from all over New Zealand to compete right here in the Sunny Bay of Plenty. ⁠

The Calley Homes Women’s Triathlon is an entry level women’s only event that encourages participation of women from 11 years of age and at any level of fitness and ability. The event creates a balanced environment of competition and fun.⁠

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We are thrilled to share the news of our partnership with local gal and professional Tri-athlete Hannah Berry.

Partnering with Hannah is an exciting venture for Calley Homes with her competing on the world stage in the newly formed Ironman Pro Series.

Hannah is a long distance/IRONMAN triathlete who grew up in the Bay of Plenty and is based locally in Mount Maunganui. Competing across the globe she has won 13 professional race wins to date.


She also has a PhD, in Biotech Engineering and is passionate about health and wellbeing and hopes to share her journey as a professional sportsperson, and the learnings that comes along with that, to encourage others to chase after their own goals. 

You can follow Hannah on her journey here
Follow Hannah on instagram here

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Our commitment to the well-being and development of our local area is demonstrated through our key sponsorships for sporting clubs, events and charities. Our belief that investment in these areas will leave a lasting positive impact on the community we live and work in.

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