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Beware of the Hidden Costs when choosing a build company

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

You may assume all residential building companies are the same but they’re not. From franchise builders to specialised local building companies there are some fundamental differences. Delays at any stage of the design, planning and construction phases can be costly so it's important to understand how these can affect you.

Just a quick example of how much delays might cost you if you are renting while building, looks a bit like this: The average weekly rental for a decent 3 bedroom home in Tauranga is approx $700.00. If your build is delayed by 6 months then extra rental costs would be $18,200.00! We all know the rental market has increasing pressure from finding a tenancy to the increasing costs as rentals pricing continue to rise. With regions like Tauranga and Auckland short on good rental properties it becomes a real worry factor because you may not be able to extend your lease and what happens then? Stress and impact on finances.

Ongoing Storage For those who have furniture and personal items waiting for their home to be completed, a delayed build means storage costs continue. There is of course the financial impact of ongoing storage but there’s also the hassle factor every time you want to quickly grab that piece of gear.

Increased materials cost If your new build is delayed by months you might also be hit by increased pricing of materials or fixtures and fittings. Building materials might unexpectedly rise and one of the factors that drives that is around demand and there is a lot of demand at present. Demand is known to hike the price of building materials so you want to make sure you are paying today’s prices not next years. If you work with a reputable and responsible building company then having a fixed term contract saves you here. Building a new home can be easy if you choose wisely. Why build with Calley Homes? We can start now Confirmed build timeframe from Building consent Fixed price contracts Ten year Master Builder Guarantee Experienced, professional local builders



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