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Large-scale renovations with Calley Homes

Updated: 5 days ago

There are many reasons to want to renovate your home, from improving your quality of life - maybe a cinema room, or extended kitchen with outdoor flow, to increasing the value of your home if or when you do come to sell one day.

Tauranga Builders | Renovation Project

When it comes to renovations, our national award winning team can provide you with expertise and advice from the very beginning through our design partners. From heritage properties to villa renovations to modernising an internal space we have the capability to handle large scale renovations and smaller scale projects too. Our experienced team have been recognised for our renovation work at national awards. At Calley Homes our design, planning and interiors service gives you access to an experienced and expert design team including some of New Zealand’s top architects, architectural designers and planning experts, and by working with them we can seamlessly manage your renovation so that the process is both enjoyable and within budget for you. Starting at the initial site meeting, our design and build team will provide expert advice through every step of the process beginning with the council planning requirements, resource consent issues and if needed the geo-tech reporting. This is all clearly reported, so if you do decide to sell, the documents are compliant and the records are easily accessible. At the point of designing, we will match the right designer and architectural team to your project to ensure the right fit. At the same time our construction team can collaborate with the designers to ensure that realistic and transparent budgets and timeframes are set before construction.

Villa Renovation Tauranga Builders

Beyond designing plans, our interiors team can guide you through your kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, flooring and finishes, whilst the technology team will walk you through all the options that suit your lifestyle and budget from security to your lighting plan. Once everything has been chosen we are able to secure products ahead of time so that when construction does start you’re already ahead of the game and not left managing supply chain issues.

Your renovation will then be constructed by our experienced construction team. Thanks to our methodical project management which starts at that initial site meeting, we know that each project will be completed on time - ready for you to make the most out of your new space.


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