Kitchen Renovation | Celebrating a bygone era

Michelle and Johnny Calley recently completed the renovation of their 1950's kitchen. Read on to find out more about the design decisions and renovation details.

The Vision ….

It was important for us to honour the era of our family home. We wanted our new kitchen to feel as if it had always been a part of our 1950's brick house so from the start our vision was to retain the look and feel of this bygone era. We also wanted to have some fun creating something that was a bit different to the modern kitchens we have had in past houses.

Inspiration Comes From

Our main inspiration was the bench top and overall look of our original 50’s kitchen. We decided to keep the same retro look and colours symbolic of the period along with re-using elements such as the original handles. We loved the built-in glass display shelves and stainless-steel edging on the bench tops, so these were features we wanted to continue albeit an updated version.

When we met with our kitchen designer one of the most critical decisions was to select the colours as this was going to effect the balance and feel of the space. We were nervous we were making the right decision using pastel colour (and deciding so quickly) but now it’s all come together we’re thrilled with the selection and finished result. We are loving the modern updates like having an Island bench, gas hobbs and loads more workable space!

Cupboard Doors: Prime Melamine Tusk Embossed

Island top: Formica Indian Sage Velour with Stainless Steel edging and pan head screws

What’s the story behind the tea cups?

These have been something I have loved and admired from a young age, my current collection includes the very 1st tea cup set I was given by my nana when I turned 5 years old. I started adding to my collection years ago while living in London and collecting cute vintage pieces at car boot sales, somehow they survived the move back to NZ but had been boxed up for years as I never really had the perfect spot for them… until now!

The floor surface is ….

These are original Matai wood floors that had a gloss varnish on them. We had them sanded back and coated in a clear matt finish which we find great with the kids, dog and our busy home!

Floors: Bona Natural waterborne lacquer

We love …

The innovation that was around in the 1950s still stands out and works cohesively to this day. It’s nearly 70 years since some of these designs were first developed and they have really stood the test of time. That in itself speaks volumes about the quality and workmanship that we have a huge amount of respect for as well as a strong desire to continue now and into the future.

Features Include:

Wall colour: Resene Robins egg blue

Trims and ceilings: Double alabaster - a go to for us!

Cupboard Doors: Prime Melamine Tusk Embossed

Cupboard Panels: Melteca HK White Natural

Island top: Formica Indian Sage Velour with Stainless Steel edging and pan head screws

Hob top: Stainless Steel Linen finish

Sink: Ikon Iodine (IK76040)

Floors: Bona Natural waterborne lacquer



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