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Our specialties include: Concrete

Being tasked with some extensive concrete projects over the past few years we’ve learnt nearly everything there is to know about concrete. From floors to ceilings to art formed walls.

During this time, we have developed a high level of technical skill and have had the opportunity to work with some of the best from the industry. Here we take a closer look at one of our largest and most challenging concrete projects.

Case Study: California Love

The Johnston’s had a vision for their new home build in Katikati. It included a large 90-degree angled façade which extended the full length of two sides of the entry elevation of the home, two other central spines of exposed concrete anchored the interior of the home.

“It was our first project of specialised concrete on such a large scale and there was no room for error” says Johnny. “The architectural concrete was both structurally and aesthetically critical to the home’s integrity. When we took the project on, we were excited about the opportunity to develop and advance our skill set in an area of the building industry that is relatively untouched”.

”We invested alot of time and energy researching the methodical processes required as the art of the insitu poured concrete is extremely in depth and minor errors can create large defects”.

Part of that research was working alongside the best in the business. New Zealand’s most renowned Concrete specialist Ross Bannan of Bannan Construction who worked alongside us mentoring and reviewing our work to ensure the preparation and concrete pours were accurate.

The result is without a doubt a stunning reflection of the effort and work that went into the process.

What did the Johnston’s have to say about the build?

“The concrete casting was a challenge. We met with various builders before deciding on building with Johnny and the team at Calley Homes” says Mike Johnston. “Each of the other builders appeared to have reservations about the concrete casting and began the build discussion with hurdles and compromise”.

“Nothing was impossible, nothing was a negative. I cannot recall one instance during the build process where we were unhappy or felt stress or pressure” say Mike. “It was a pleasure”.

Michelle & Johnny Calley photographed at this stunning home.

What is Board Formed Concrete?

“Board-formed Concrete” is the name for a process of patterning concrete that leaves a wood grain image on the finished face of the concrete. By imprinting the wood grain on the surface, it visually softens and warms concrete’s somewhat cooler appearance while still allowing concrete to express the construction technique.

Another project that has featured this process:

Eco in Omokoroa - view here



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