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Our specialties include: Environmentally friendly homes

At Calley Homes our team are passionate about craftsmanship and quality. We have gained a raft of experience over the years through the depth of our projects and the relentless focus on learning and development that is deep at the heart of our teams ethos.

We’ve become particularly adept in areas over these projects such as eco and environmentally focussed building techniques, smart homes through the combined use of solar and technology and the decorative concrete art form that has shaped the structures of some of our most revered homes through unique concreting processes and treatments.

Of course this all happens alongside our typical building methods of timber and steel but none the less our efficiency and ability with these materials is second to none.

Follow our latest blog series as we take a closer look at some of these building methods.

Environmentally friendly & Smart homes

Case study #1: Welcome Retreat

This Gold award winning home features an earthquake strength Rib Raft floor. This innovative flooring construction sits on the ground not in the ground making it seismically strong. Using polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods and plastic spaces and concrete the result is an energy efficient concrete floor with cleaner construction, less excavated material and waste all the while reducing time and labour.

A full solar power system with battery storage means in time this home can be completely off the grid. Underground storage tanks collect the roof water harvesting for reuse.

The Bosch Hydronic heating system is simple, efficient and reliable. The boiler heats the water and transports it around the house to release and create warmth including the integration with the outdoor pool. The heat can be released via underfloor pipes which are laid in the slab, or via stylish radiator panels on the walls.

  • Up to 24% more cost effective to run than ducted heating*

  • Can be installed under the floor or using elegant wall panels

  • Silent operation

  • Allergy and asthma friendly

  • Even temperature distribution for ultimate comfort

  • Zoned temperature control

The homes extra wide timber framing of 140mm allows for extra insulation and the windows are an architecturally developed suite of window joinery with Low E Max glass to prevent UV and allow for heat retention.

Automation throughout the home is controlled by a KNX automation system which operates the solar panel system, the central heating, lighting, blinds, pool heating, and the in home surround audio system. 



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