If you're thinking of building and haven't been through the building process before, or have built but are beginning a new project you are bound to have questions. Here is some of the most common questions we come across in the initial stages. Feel free to read through and give us a call or make an appointment to chat through any other questions you might have.


How much will it cost?

There are many different types and styles of homes and all vary in cost. You need to consider the land andwhether this needs any development. With a full design and build we start with your budget and discuss what size and style of house you are wanting. We then give you an estimated cost to build the house you describe. We have the experience to design to your budget so the more information you provide us at the design phase, the more accurate we can be. This is where we really focus on your budget so we get the right mix of space and cosmetic features.

Who deals with council?

We do. Calley Homes control the whole process from your initial ideas to moving into your brand new home.

Who organises any retaining or land development, if required?

We organise all land preparation works for the build. This will be priced and added to the package we offer. As a general rule, most sites we build on need some sort of excavation. If your site is flat, works will be very minor however if your site is contoured, you may need some retaining. Either way we will prepare it.

How long will it take?

This will depend entirely on the size and complexity of the home. We will give you indications as soon as we discuss the size and style of the home you want.

Who will be building my home?

Calley Homes is a traditional building company and we employ our own highly skilled and qualified carpenters. Our guys are industry leaders in building high end residential homes.Our construction team also consists of our loyal and trusty sub-trade suppliers that have proven their quality and project commitment to us over time. We do not select our products or sub-trades on the lowest price – we select them on proven quality and service. We recommend before you choose your building company, do your homework and speak to their past clients.

What guarantees do you provide?

Every home we build has a Master Builders 10 year Guarantee. This will cover you and the structural integrity of your new home for10 years. As well as the new home guarantee our suppliers provide warranties on their products.

What sets you apart from other building companies and why would we choose to build with Calley Homes?

For us there are no gimmicks – our results speak for themselves. I’m proud to say our clients have all become personal friends of Calley Homes. Building a home is the single biggest financial outlay anyone makes in their lives and our point of difference is that we understand those pressures and have the experience and right attitude to create the best result for your investment. We don’t hide behind fancy marketing or brands. ‘My family name is the forefront of our image and I want it to symbolise nothing other than the best quality available’

What advice do you give someone looking to build a house?

Do your homework! Identify who you want to Design & Build with and talk to their former clients.

What areas do you build homes in?

We cover the entire Bay of Plenty and most of the Waikato.