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If you're thinking of building and haven't been through the building process before, or are beginning a new project you are bound to have questions.


Here is some of the most common questions we come across in the initial stages. Feel free to read through and give us a call or make an appointment to chat through any other questions you might have.

  • STEP ONE: Initial onsite consultation
    We’ve found the best way to understand your vision is to meet with you on your property to gain an insight into the project. ​ Our team will talk with you and help you to understand the journey you are beginning. No two sites are the same and we need to assess key factors that could impact the design process and project budget.
  • STEP TWO: Developing the brief
    Experience and knowledge allow us to guide you through the process and acquire important information from you. Important points to consider and discuss at this stage are: Your intended budget, Time frames Site conditions, contours, geotechnical status, District or City plan requirements Number of bedrooms and bathrooms Prevailing wind directions North facing elevations to maximise sunlight Driveway location and garaging Design ideas Cladding options Any long-term maintenance issues Sustainable building methods and product options. Building restrictions that may apply After the initial site visit and the design briefing, we will have gathered enough information to confidently begin designing your new home.
  • STEP THREE: The Design Phase
    The design process is an exciting phase beginning with the drawing and presentation of the first concept plans. We take as much time as you need to go through the concept plans in fine detail to ensure you completely understand and are happy with the design and how it works for you on your site. Alterations and modifications can easily be made at this stage and we will continue to work with you until we have plans that perfectly fulfil your vision.
  • STEP FOUR: Working Drawings
    Once the concept plans have been confirmed, together we will go through room by room and document your desired finish. This process covers everything from doors to TVs – this is everything you want from your home. Product selection is a big task with so many quality products available to choose from and we have experience and expertise in this area so can assist and guide you. Our interior design partners can assist here too. ​ Upon confirmation of finishes, the plans are priced officially for the building contract then presented to the Council to obtain the building consent. We can then agree a start date and from there we will produce a timeline for the project.
  • STEP FIVE: Construction
    We encourage you to stay involved during the build. Onsite meetings and regular visits help you stay informed – and it’s exciting to watch the progress. At any time during the build process if there is anything you are unsure of or you want to add or alter, we are there to offer guidance, support and expert advice. Our online project management program allows you to track progress from your office desk, holiday overseas or smartphone.
  • STEP SIX: Living The Dream
    Once construction is complete and the last detail has been attended to, our final job is to sign the 10 year Master Build guarantee and hand you the keys. All you have to do is pop the champagne and look to a very bright future in your brand-new home.
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