Thinking of Building a New Home? Step This Way

If you’ve never built before beginning the build process can feel daunting so we’ve put fingers to keyboard to give a brief outline of what’s involved with designing and building your new home. We’ve also got a comprehensive guide with checklists and tips you can download from our website here.

Getting started

1.Call on the builder for an on site consultation

No two sites are the same. So step one is to call in the experts. This is the opportunity for your builder to gain insightful knowledge about what your dream is for your site, what structure will work best for the site.

There are a number of considerations that will be discussed at this point that include; budget, timeframes, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, prevailing wind directions, how to maximise sunlight, cladding and any building restrictions that may apply. You can prepare for your onsite consultation and gain more insight by downloading the comprehensive guide here …

Now it’s time to get on with your new homes concept design.

2. Design Phase

Based off the information we’ve obtained we now have a concept plan drawn up. We then get together and work through the home room by room making any moderations or alterations. It’s best to apply any changes to the plan at this stage so the build process goes as smoothly as possible. This phase requires time commitment and effort from both parties to ensure the design encapsulates your dreams and also works within your budget. You can gain more insight and guidance by using the checklist by downloading the comprehensive guide here

Then your build journey enters the detailing phase

3. Pre Consent and Working Drawings

Once concept design has been signed off we move swiftly along and go through room by room to discuss what finishes are required. Included in this process we can assist by pairing you with a range of experienced interior designers. We also help you with product selection and once all that’s done plans are officially priced for the building contract which is then presented to council for building consent. We agree a start date and supply you with a timeline.

Exciting times! The build begins

4. The Build

We want you to stay as involved as you can, so we will arrange on-site meetings and regular visits with you so you can see for yourself exactly what is happening. It’s really exciting to see how your new home progresses. We have an online project management system that allows you to track progress at home, on holiday or at the office. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because our experts are on hand to give you the answers.

and finally….

5. Pop the Champagne

Once your new home is complete it’s time to celebrate! Just imagine how good it will feel walking into your beautiful, finished new home for the first time. We’ll hand over your 10 year guarantee and your keys and you can sit back and enjoy the future in your new home.