Storage Style - A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Traditional storage has come a long way with innovation and style now a must. Wether you’re looking to declutter, joining the Minimalist Movement or you want to create storage within a living space then we’ve got some tips and inspiration on smart storage solutions.

1. Just hanging

Utilise your walls with a super cool pegboard where your handbags and gym bags get to hang out with your terrarium and your new e-bike.

2. Bench Spaces & window seats

Turning a lifestyle space into a clever storage space looks great and takes care of the clutter. A place to pop your favourite books, hideaway cosy throws, extra cushions and all those other bits and bobs.

3. Stairs...

Storage space built into and under stairs is space optimisation at its finest. Out on display or hidden away, the choice is now what to put into your handy cubby holes or cleverly disguised drawers.

4. Maximise the Minimalist Look

Design features that also double as storage space are elegantly simple and max out every space in the room. Bang on trend we don’t think this look will go out of fashion for a long time.

5. Show Off

Floor to ceiling shelving allows you to surround yourself with a few of your favourite things right where you can see it. If you want some things to remain private, use baskets to hide things away from prying eyes.

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