Introducing Nick Murphy

As one of our long standing build team Nick Murphy has brought his background in the army to the fore in how he runs his client projects. As Site Manager he leads the build team through the client project and ensures detailing and timeframes are always being met to the Calley Homes standard.

Hard work and humility go hand in hand

Nick did his building apprenticeship in the army. After his time in the army he headed overseas to live in Australia continuing to build and then working in the mines for a stint before heading home to family in New Zealand. Childhood friend Shaun Dodds (also another of the Site Managers at Calley Homes) suggested Nick get in touch with Johnny Calley and the rest is history…

Not afraid of hard work Nick began with Calley Homes working on one of his all time favourite build projects (Classic Mountie - check it out here). “It was leading edge at the time with an automated system installed in the decking to lower the spa beneath when not in use. The project definitely was pushing boundaries and won a Gold Award and a Lifestyle award at the Master Builders that year.”

Hidden beneath this decking is a spa pool which is automated to be hidden when not in use.

If you asked Nick about himself he would tell you “I’m tough, but fair and that’s probably something I learnt in the army, that and to be punctual”.

This disciplined approach shone through when working on the Clarke’s properties on Marine Parade. Having built the first house he had established a relationship with the clients built on trust and confidence. “It felt great to work on another project with the same client. The technology and automation in this home was up there. The entire upper floor was dedicated to entertainment with bar, hidden cinema room and outdoor seating around a fireplace overlooking the ocean. It was pretty cool.” (check this home out here)

The download

Name: Nick Murphy

Nick name: Murph or Mooks

Use five words to describe yourself? Athletic, intelligent, handsome, funny, humble..

How long have you been with Calley Homes? 5 years in August

Why did you decide to work in the building industry? I wanted a physical, outdoor job where you can work with friends.

What do you love about what you do? Working to get a high standard end result that we and the clients are happy with.

What has been your highlight since joining Calley Homes?

Just seeing every finished project and picking up a few awards along the way.

What do you think you bring to the team? Hard work, leadership and experience.

If we asked your team mates to describe you what would they say? 

Tough but fair

If you were caught singing in your work ute what tune would it be?

Probably a bit of Katchafire or six60.

What do you do to wind down from a busy week?

Hang with my family and friends. Enjoy a cold beer

In your opinion what’s worth spending more on to get the best?

Landscaping  - it just finishes things well.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Work hard, play hard..