How We Manage Supply Chain Issues at Calley Homes

A click glance over the news and you’re likely to find an article about the current supply chain issues that have been affecting the construction industry, from checks to see if GIB ® plasterboard is being hoarded and materials being sold over the odds on TradeMe to construction times increasing by several months. Understandably it can be concerning, but at Calley Homes, we are able to manage these supply chain issues so that your home or renovation can be easily completed.

Alongside having a finger on the pulse due to our director Johnny being the national vice president of the Registered Master Builders Association; we have, since our inception in 2008, established strong relationships with suppliers which allows us to ensure that we are able to buy and plan for supplies smoothly.

Our project team’s experience and knowledge comes into play on each project as we work closely alongside the architect or architectural designer. In 2021 this was further developed with the launch of our brother brand: Calley & Co.

Created to collaborate at a deeper level with both the architectural design team and interiors teams, supporting our client projects to ensure supply chain issues were mitigated wherever possible and managed from the outset of a project and throughout the project.

Calley & Co is a fully integrated design, planning and interiors company that works alongside Calley Homes for those clients looking for a complete design wrap-around service. As well as having your project seamlessly managed from start to finish, the two companies together can ensure that we can manage any supply chain issues that may arise.

Unlike when a client works with an independent design, the teams at Calley Homes and Calley & Co work closely, avoiding budget blowouts at the design phase. A common problem in the industry is clients who have had a design created, only to find they cannot afford to build the designed home when priced by a builder.

By working together Calley Homes and Calley & Co ensure the design is planned for you and your budget. Calley Homes’ practical insight means they can suggest alternative solutions during the design process. It also has further advantages as Calley & Co handle all council consenting for you and can secure products at the design and planning stages to ensure you are ahead of the game when it comes to starting the building work, thus avoiding delays.

We know that when you have your vision for your dream home you don’t want to be restricted by ever increasing wait times or to have your budget stretched due to price increases, so by working together with our strong network and brother brand, Calley Homes is able to effectively manage the current supply chain issues.