Consistency in excellence really does matter

Last Friday we were awarded our eighth Gold Award at the Annual Master Builders Awards for the Bay of Plenty / Central Plateau region. It was our tenth home entry in the Awards so we were stoked when we were once again recognised for exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

In 2018 we finished up winning the National Renovation Award Category and up until that date had collected Seven Gold Awards along with two National Gold Reserves, a Lifestyle Award, and a Regional Supreme Award, all from the previous nine home entries. It’s safe to say we’re pretty happy with the track record as it reflects the consistency and depth we value in our team.

For us it’s not just the award recognition, it’s the continuation of an ethos that is intrinsic to our team; Raising industry standards, pushing boundaries through innovation and technology and delivering on our promises to our clients.

For those interested to understand how these awards are earned and what the results really mean we’ve detailed the process and award system below .

How does the judging work?

All entrants in each of the award categories are judged by the same panel of two judges throughout the country e.g. a New Home up to $450,000 in Kaitaia will be judged by the same two people as a property, in that category, in Invercargill.

The judges go through each property and decide on the score against the set criteria for its category.

Each property is judged against a scorecard of 2000 points (1300 Workmanship and 700 Design, Style and Functionality). Note: Multi Unit properties are judged (1100 Workmanship and 900 Design, Style, Functionality and general consideration). Properties are then awarded either Gold, Silver, Bronze or no award as set out in the diagram below.

The scoring is calculated as follows:


Workmanship = 65% and Retention or creation of character integration and future proofing = 35%

New Homes

Workmanship = 65%, and Design, functionality and style = 35%

Multi Unit (Apartments, Duplexes, Terrace Housing)

Workmanship = 55%, and Design, functionality, style and general considerations = 45%

To understand the quality marks awarded check them out here